7 Best Technical Support Outsourcing Companies in 2024

The Best Technical Support Outsourcing companies cover

Technical support is a surprisingly difficult thing to outsource. There are outsourcing companies whose staff have high technical ability but poor communication skills, and others that have the opposite.

In composing this research, our goal was to help companies looking to outsource technical support move more quickly and locate the right partner with less hassle. We looked for technical support outsourcing companies that have long experience providing service for firms in a range of industries. We compared them by price and value for money. We looked at feedback and independent ratings. The result was a careful ranking of the best technical support outsourcing companies on the market.

Let’s dive in.

Criteria for Evaluating Technical Support Outsourcing Companies

Before evaluating any outsourcing company, it is important to determine just how you will compare them. There are many aspects you will want to look at, such as the length of time a company has been in business, their customer reviews, and the types of skills and expertise that their employees possess.

For example, a company that is known for providing technical support for software companies may not be the best choice for a hardware company. So, make sure the company in question has skills in your particular type of product or service.

Next, most customers expect a fast turnaround when it comes to customer service. In many cases, every second counts. By choosing an outsourcing partner who is quick to respond, you will be better able to meet your customers’ needs. The speed of a company can be measured through a variety of data points, including speed-to-answer stats and first-contact resolution rates.

Keep in mind the language proficiency of its agents if the company is operating overseas. Your customers will expect clear communication without any language barrier. The team handling your support functions must be able to communicate effectively in all languages relevant to your customer base.

Perhaps the most important aspect of evaluating any company is going to be the price. A customer support firm needs to be cost-effective to you or it isn’t worth the price. In short, they should provide excellent value at a price point that fits your budget constraints.

Scalability is another issue that should be evaluated. As your business grows and evolves, you may need a tech support team that does so as well. One that customizes its features and provides you with what you need is far more important than a one-size-fits-all approach. Your chosen partner should be able to customize their services to align perfectly with your needs.

So, these are the criteria you need to consider when evaluating technical support outsourcing companies. Let’s take a look now at some of the leading companies that may help you with your customer support needs.

#1: Wow 24-7

Wow 24/7 was one of our best technical support outsourcing companies this year

One of the leading names in technical support outsourcing is Wow 24-7. It is known for its round-the-clock service, hence the ’24-7′ in its name. This company is known for offering custom solutions in technical support, offering each customer a service that meets their specific needs.

Their team is composed of skilled tech experts who can solve anything from a software glitch to a more complex server issue. They have the ability to promptly address technical issues in real-time while maintaining high-quality service by using a customer-centric approach.

In addition, since customer service is their core business, they understand that every interaction with a user impacts how your brand is received. They ensure each customer engagement is handled with utmost professionalism and empathy, allowing your company to shine.

In addition to handling immediate tech problems, they also offer insights into system improvements to enhance efficiency and productivity. This helps to make Wow 24-7 the perfect choice for businesses looking for top-notch tech support that is focused on the customer.

#2: Support Ninja

Support Ninja is well known for its technical support outsourcing services and has carved out a niche for itself in the industry. Thanks to its phenomenal staff who perform beyond ordinary boundaries, they are known for not only being extraordinary support providers but also being “ninjas” in the technological sense.

Swift, efficient, precise, and capable of understanding complex issues, Support Ninja doesn’t just offer cookie-cutter solutions. It takes the time to thoroughly assess every client’s needs before offering customized solutions that work.

Support Ninja has a vast team of experienced professionals that are spread across different locations worldwide. By providing support worldwide, Support Ninja can meet all of your customers’ needs wherever they are, no matter the time. reliable as it is efficient. Language barriers also won’t be a problem due to their diversified staff.

Among their specialty services are IT support services for software applications and hardware devices, installation and set-up procedures, regular maintenance and more advanced fixes. Support Ninja has a deep commitment to maintaining client satisfaction through consistent, high-quality service.

On a more specific level, they believe that no ticket should go unanswered and strive for zero missed tickets.  This goal enables them to be consistently impressive even during peak hours. If you are in the market for a highly competent partner who can handle your tech support, then Support Ninja may be a great choice for you.

#3: Helplama

Helplama provides an array of services that span across multiple domains and is known for its impeccable customer service and dedication to innovation. Their ‘no long-term contract’ policy is ideal for customers who are just testing the waters and not quite ready to make a long-term commitment to outsourcing customer support.

One of the advantages that Helplama offers is its support over multiple channels. From live chats and emails to actual phone calls, this company will meet your customers wherever it suits them. They are also at the forefront of adopting new technologies and trends like conversational AI to meet modern customer requirements.

By offering top-notch services in multiple languages, they provide support that is in line with your global customer base and they do so promptly.

Helplama provides high first-contact resolution rates through the use of experienced personnel who can handle complex queries. Its commitment toward customization is another benefit since it takes the time to understand your business needs and goals. This personal touch allows them to deliver services that commonly exceed client expectations.

#4: Helpware

Helpware is another well-known technical support outsourcing company that has built a solid reputation by focusing on helping businesses of all sizes. They are a reliable partner that handles technical queries through the use of tech-savvy professionals who are well-versed in resolving complex issues and ensuring seamless operations. Helpware’s expertise spans a variety of subjects, such as IT, customer service, back-office tasks, and more.

Helpware is able to seamlessly integrate into your team so the customer feels at ease. Your brand image and core values will be protected at costs. They also curate their solutions for each client, knowing that no two businesses are alike.

Helpware customizes a plan that maximizes efficiency while minimizing costs, which it does by fully evaluating your needs. This is a critical consideration for companies looking to outsource tech support operations.

#5: GlowTouch

GlowTouch has a very good reputation in the world of technical support outsourcing. Established almost two decades ago, this company has been delivering top-tier customer service and technical support with a meticulous approach to problem-solving and an innate understanding of technology.

They are focused on providing meaningful solutions that drive customer satisfaction through the use of its global workforce. The company employs a diverse range of skilled professionals from different parts of the world. By doing so, they are able to cater to clients across various industries and cultures.

GlowTouch is also known for its scalability by employing a modifiable structure that allows businesses to adjust according to demand fluctuations without compromising the quality of service.

GlowTouch emphasizes integrating advanced technology into its processes, keeping them at the forefront of customer support. Security is prioritized within their framework, which is an important aspect of tech-support outsourcing companies.

By employing stringent data protection protocols and rigorous compliance measures, they will provide you with a strong sense of security. Their unwavering dedication toward delivering superior quality services through the use of advanced technology integrations and strict security measures makes them a strong choice.

#6: Unity Communications

Unity Communications is a well-known technical support outsourcing company that has developed a strong stance in the industry. They are known globally and consistently deliver high-quality services, regardless of the project’s complexities.

They have been able to adapt and grow with technological advancements while offering 24/7 support so their clients’ businesses run smoothly at all times. Their team consists of well-educated professionals in multiple time zones, enabling them to provide effective communication with customers worldwide.

They are known for their ability to establish long-lasting relationships with their clients to provide tailor-made strategies to meet their needs. The client-centric and transparent pricing structures offered by Unity Communications are flexible and individually tailored. There are no hidden charges or extra costs, which is important when you are outsourcing your customer support.

In short, by offering robust technical support, Unity Communications can add significant value to your business. So if you’ve been searching for an outsourcing partner who can handle your technical support requirements, this company could serve you well.

#7: RemoteCall

RemoteCall has long been a trusted provider, with services that allow businesses to manage their customer service operations in an efficient manner. They offer a variety of features such as remote access and control functions, allowing their technicians to solve issues without the need for on-site visits. With so many people doing remote work these days, these services are not only efficient but also incredibly user-friendly.

Their software does not require installation and they offer detailed usage guides while providing a high level of customer support. You can get immediate assistance when issues do arise with a personalized approach toward each client. They strive to understand the unique needs of each business and tailor their solutions to meet them.

Global reach is important to many companies these days, and with offices in various countries around the world, they facilitate 24/7 support coverage. You will always have someone ready to assist you or your customers at any given time.

RemoteCall scores high points because of its open-minded approach toward innovation and dedication to future changes. If you’re looking for an outsourced technical support partner that offers comprehensive solutions that are both efficient and adaptive, RemoteCall might be your ideal choice.

Benefits and Challenges of Outsourcing Technical Support

In today’s high-tech world, the benefits of outsourcing technical support are many. By providing a pool of experts well-versed in various aspects of IT, you can gain extensive experience across a multitude of platforms and software, without having to hire a single employee.

Instead of having an in-house team that may not be under-utilized, you can employ resources on demand and only pay for services used, reducing costs and overhead.

Hiring and maintaining an in-house tech support team can be costly due to associated overheads – salaries, benefits, training and infrastructure expenses. Outsourcing allows businesses to reduce those costs substantially while maintaining a tech support structure that is flexible.

Instead of having your employees trained in the many tech-related concerns your customers may have, they will be better focused on your company’s core business. Outsourcing companies also have the ability to handle technical support around the clock, around the globe, and in a variety of languages, which is more than you could ever do on your own.

However, there are some challenges associated with outsourcing technical support, not least of which is the concern for data security and privacy risks. A data breach could cause harm to your company on both a legal and reputational basis, so having a company that is prepared to deal with that is essential.

The quality of service provided can sometimes fluctuate depending on the outsourcing company. You will want to be assured that all employees are properly trained and that they meet your company standards since you won’t have direct control over them.

It can be difficult to trust an external provider with such a crucial part of your organization, but you cannot ignore the many benefits that outsourcing has to offer. By performing due diligence when selecting an outsourcing partner and setting clear expectations from the outset, you will be better set for success.

How to Choose the Right Technical Support Outsourcing Partner

Choosing the right technical support outsourcing partner can be confusing, especially with the number of companies now offering these services. The trick is to know precisely what you’re looking for and find a company with the right experience and specialization. It’s best if they have worked with businesses similar to yours before.

They should also have a proven track record of providing technical support in your industry and you can evaluate their understanding of your specific product or service to ensure they are right for you. After all, when their employees have a deep understanding of your offering, they will provide better customer support.

There may be certifications or training programs that prove their technical competency, and do not ignore the importance of language proficiency based on your customers’ demographics. Your customers’ satisfaction may depend on language proficiency.

Advanced tools and software for trouble ticketing, remote control, chat support, etc. are also necessary as they increase efficiency while reducing response times significantly. A defined service level agreement (SLA) is another crucial factor you will want to consider. This type of agreement contains clear expectations about aspects like response times, resolution rates and overall quality of service. There are other factors like cost effectiveness, security measures taken by the company, and scalability options that should be considered.

Finally, ensure that there is a clear communication channel with your chosen outsourcing partner and one in which you should feel comfortable asking questions, raising concerns, and discussing strategies. This decision can determine the course of your customer service quality and your brand’s identity.

Implementing Outsourced Technical Support in Your Business

Implementing outsourced technical support begins with finding your ideal outsourcing partner. This involves detailed scrutiny of potential companies’ knowledge, experience within your industry, cost-effectiveness, and cultural compatibility.

Once you have chosen a company, then it is your job to convey your objectives to them. Being precise about your expectations will help establish a mutual understanding between both parties. Whether it’s better customer satisfaction scores you’re after or quicker resolution times – make sure they know what your definition of success actually is.

The transition phase can be challenging, but a well-thought-out plan that includes training sessions for the new team members in areas will help it to go smoother.

Your new customer support team will represent your brand, so equipping them with all the necessary tools should be your top priority. This requires ongoing management from your side as well, such as monitoring performance metrics regularly and providing feedback. Regular check-ins on progress towards established goals can help to prevent problems down the line.

Implementing outsourced technical support may seem challenging, but the effort will be worth it. The result is an efficient system designed to improve customer experiences while affording you more time to focus on your actual business.


With the fast pace of technological evolution, businesses must ensure they have a technical support structure that is tested and affordable. By having access to skilled resources with 24/7 service availability, your business will be able to meet the needs of your customers.

Each outsourcing company that has been reviewed in this article possesses its unique strengths and specializations. Wow 24-7 is known for its vast industry experience, while Support Ninja’s security standards are above the rest.

Helplama has a variety of scalability options that are ideal for new or growing businesses, whereas Helpware’s full-service suite is its USP. GlowTouch has excellent multilingual support, Unity Communications provides wide-ranging telecom solutions and RemoteCall’s remote desktop technology is outstanding.

The challenges surrounding outsourced tech support should not be ignored. From communication barriers to security concerns, there are numerous aspects of this type of outsourcing that you must consider before making your decision on any company. The right partner will be one that fully aligns with your corporate culture and understands your specific needs.

Most experts believe that outsourced corporate technical support will become the norm since it is a money-saving way to provide higher-level customer support for today’s 24-7 world. By fairly evaluating each provider, you can find an ideal match for your specific needs – ensuring seamless tech support operations that grow your business and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.


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