The Undisputed Best VOC Software in 2024: Complete Rankings

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Every firm uses VOC software differently: they are used by different members of a team, focused on different metrics, and with different end goals. This means there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to VOC software. If you’re tasked with the procurement of VOC software for your company, the goal should be to match your firm’s needs, goals, and intended use with a VOC tool at the lowest price. That’s what this guide is for.

Below is our detailed ranking and comparison of the best VOC software available this year. We have attempted to highlight key features and use cases to help you understand where your firm fits, and which products deserve your closest attention.

Here’s the list. We hope it helps.

Criteria for the Best VOC Software

Voice of the Customer (VOC) software consists of a range of tools that collect, analyze, and act upon the various types of feedback that customers give to a company. The point of this software is not only to let the customer be heard but to also incorporate their feedback into changes within your company that will enhance sales and promote a better relationship with customers.

Choosing the best VOC software is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges you will have when it comes to customer relationship software. This type of software consists of several different parts, from data collection to analysis, to putting all of that feedback to work.

There are a wide variety of methods to capture customer feedback such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, customer service interactions, and social media. By using some or all of these channels, you will have access to a lot of information you simply wouldn’t get any other way.

The software then can analyze and interpret collected data which can help you identify key trends and patterns in customer feedback. This type of customer insight allows businesses to see what their customers are saying honestly.

Not all VOC software packages are the same, of course. Some have a lot of features that you might never use. Others are lacking in user-friendliness which can make an employee reluctant to use it. A clean and intuitive interface ensures that all employees, regardless of their technical skills can engage with it effectively and get results that help your company.

Another factor to consider is a package’s ability to integrate with other business tools such as CRM systems or data analytic tools. By being able to cross-reference customer data from different sources, you will get a better picture of all of your customers.

Finally, since you will be dealing with private data, security, and regulation compliance is paramount. Failing to protect your customers’ data could cause you big problems down the line.

Encryption mechanisms as well as observance protocols for standards such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be taken into consideration. When combined with a solid, user-friendly VOC package, you will be better able to make use of the various data collection methods available to you and translate that data into corporate changes.

#1: Jotform

Jotform was one of our best VOC software tools of the year

Jotform is a popular customer (VOC) software that leads the pack in harnessing customer feedback. Its appealing user interface enables efficient communication between businesses and their customers.

One of the reasons why Jotform is so popular is because of its 10,000 ready-to-use templates as well as its drag-and-drop form builder feature. This customization makes it easy for you to collect data and evaluate it, too.

But, what sets Jotform apart is its ability to fully integrate with popular platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Zendesk. By combining these digital structures with powerful VOC feedback mechanisms, data is able to flow freely across channels without a hitch.

Jotform is also known for its powerful data analysis, advanced reporting features, and its ability to transform raw data into information that you can work with Real-time updates are provided on a user-friendly dashboard, on which you can see patterns in customer behavior that could inform future operational changes.

Another feature that a lot of users appreciate is the fact that Jotform is completely mobile-friendly. It is fully optimized for all devices — desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike — so customers can give feedback anytime from anywhere. This level of accessibility means that you will get higher response rates and therefore higher-quality insights.

Jotform uses stringent safeguards such as SSL encryption on all forms alongside PCI DSS Level I certification. This is the highest level of security compliance for businesses that handle credit card transactions. By taking care of sensitive customer data, your company will be able to build trust with customers, further enabling them to provide you with valuable feedback.

Jotform is considered by many to be at the forefront of this technology, with both advanced features and exceptional performance. It provides everything that you need in VOC software, including versatility, insightful data collection and evaluation, and security.

#2: SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a powerful VOC software package that takes pride in its user-friendly features and powerful data collection abilities. The platform offers a variety of options for creating engaging surveys that are more than just simple Q&A formats. You can gain access to customer sentiment through tools such as rating scales, comment boxes, multiple-choice questions, and other devices.

One feature that SurveySparrow users appreciate is its ability to distribute surveys via email, web links, social media platforms, or even offline methods. By doing so, you will get a better cross-section of your customer base.

It also works seamlessly with Slack and Zendesk so workflow processes within your company will not be stalled. With a dynamic reporting feature, SurveySparrow generates real-time reports of responses and allows you to view them in a variety of formats – pie charts, histograms, or word clouds. It also has advanced filtering options that allow you to zoom into specific areas based on filters such as demographics or response timelines.

Privacy concerns are always going to be important when dealing with sensitive customer information and SurveySparrow ensures compliance with GDPR regulations through the use of SSL encryption.

SurveySparrow is different from other VOC software because of its ability to provide companies with the most vibrant and thorough data collection in ways that work for you. By allowing you to elevate your customer engagement strategies while gaining valuable insights into customer perceptions and expectations, SurveySparrow is well worth the price.

#3: Survicate

Survicate is a multifaceted Voice of Customer (VOC) software package with diversified functionality. It allows you to collect feedback through multiple channels, analyze customer satisfaction, and website analytics, and provide detailed and incisive analysis of customer behavior trends.

Survicate is well-known for its ability to fully integrate with other types of software, such as CRM systems, email marketing services, and communication apps. By doing so, you will gain quicker and more thorough access to a vast amount of data. This can, in turn, help you to make better decisions.

User-friendliness is an important factor when it comes to making sure that your employees and your customers are using the product. This package has been designed in a manner that requires little technical expertise, with an intuitive dashboard and easy-to-follow features.

This ease of use means that your team will be more productive and spend less time figuring out how to use the tool and invest more time learning from the data that is collected.

Personalization allows users to tailor surveys according to their specific needs, and being able to do so quickly and easily is essential. By being able to design surveys based on individual target groups, you can gain access to customer feedback that has more meaning to you and that brings us to where it all pays off – analytics!

Analytics is a big buzzword these days, and if you aren’t paying attention to it, you are missing out. By utilizing a tool like Survicate to collect data, you can make use of real-time results combined with easy-to-understand visualizations. Its capacity for trend analysis can also give you an understanding of how trends change over time and help you predict future trends.

In an era when customer feedback is becoming so vital, Survicate provides companies with a tool that can handle diverse customer data sources and offers powerful analytical capabilities. It excels in usability, integration and personalization, making it a great choice for companies who want to learn what their customers have today.

#4: Medallia

Medallia Voice of the Customer (VOC) software is known for its agile design and intuitive functionalities that enable businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Medallia’s software makes collecting data easier while providing more tools for evaluating the powerful analytical data that it collects.

Medallia enables companies to make use of various data collection methods including email surveys, web intercepts, mobile feedback forms, social media monitoring, and other methods so that data is collected from the most varied audience in a way that they want to give it to them.

Customer sentiments and expectations are easier to gather and the high level of customizations make it easier than ever to evaluate the data. A central feature that sets Medallia apart from its competitors is its powerful analytics engine. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to work its way through huge volumes of data and extract the types of insights that are valuable to you.

An onboard predictive analytics module helps you to forecast future trends in customer experience with impressive accuracy while also identifying potential issues before they become big ones.

Any VOC software package needs to have the ability to fully integrate with CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Medallia can do this through seamless sharing and utilization of customer data across multiple systems in a secure fashion.

By eliminating silos and promoting collaboration, efficiency is increased, and that means a better bottom line. Medallia’s commitment to innovation and change in today’s modern market often exceeds customer expectations.

Medallia also incorporates a powerful feedback loop system that effectively engages employees at all levels to foster a culture that values both internal and external opinions. By using advanced features such as multi-channel data collection methods, analytics engines, integration capabilities, and continual evolution, Medallia is seen as a top-tier VOC software solution for 2024.

#5: Dialpad

Among the best Voice of Customer (VOC) software packages in 2024, we cannot overlook a powerful contender, Dialpad. Produced by Google Voice, Dialpad has entered the mainstream VOC market with features that are both innovative and intuitive. It is known for being a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, which delivers full integration of messaging, video, and voice services.

This software not only focuses on customer feedback but also places a great deal of importance on internal communication within an organization. Another feature that sets Dialpad apart from conventional VOC platforms is Voice Intelligence (Vi). This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to transcribe calls automatically and extract action items, reducing the time your employees spend on these duties.

Dialpad allows companies to effectively gauge customer sentiment and intent and to make decisions based on this information. Because it is a cloud-based solution, it is also scalable and easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Remote working is more important than ever before, and Vi keeps that in mind. You won’t have to worry about things such as remote hardware installation, and the entire product is scalable at any time.

It is also easy to integrate fully with productivity tools such as G-Suite and Office 365. This enables an ease in being able to collate data from various sources within one platform. By focusing on unified communication, the use of AI in interpreting customer sentiment, and its scalability and seamless integration capabilities, Dialpad has quickly become a leader in the VOC software marketplace.

#6: Qualtrics Customer Experience

You have probably heard of the Qualtrics Customer Experience as it is one of the premier names in Voice of Customer (VOC) software solutions. It consists of a powerful suite of features that will enable you to fully understand and respond to your customers’ needs.

Qualtrics is designed to collect customer feedback across multiple channels and provide companies with a holistic view of a customer’s journey. It provides companies with predictive intelligence capabilities that can flag problems before they become disasters.

By using such features as real-time analytics and data-driven insights, companies will have the data they need to make quick decisions. One feature, the Net Promoter Score (NPS), is a comprehensive sentiment analysis and trend identifier.

Qualtrics has a variety of personalized reporting dashboards and automated communication triggers that can alert you to changes on a real-time basis, and when combined with its ability to integrate with other software packages, it really shines.

This superior customer experience management program is one that a lot of major companies are now relying on. Qualtrics will continue to help businesses navigate the changing technological landscape while also keeping their customers’ voices at the heart of every decision.

#7: Confirmit

Confirmit, which is also now known as Formsta, is a decades-old technology company that is used by more than 2,500 companies in more than 100 countries. It is irrefutably an industry leader when it comes to Voice of the Customer (VOC), Employee Engagement, and Market Research solutions.

This VOC software suite is designed to address all aspects of customer experience management — from capturing and analyzing to acting on customer data. Confirmit emphasizes its ‘Action Management’ system which easily enables swift and efficient responses to customer feedback.

One of the reasons why so many companies are now choosing Confirmit is because of its flexibility and overall versatility. It provides structured feedback from traditional surveys as well as social media sources — and puts this data into a form that you can use.

Its advanced reporting capabilities are designed to dissect data granularly, and additional features such as Text Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Advanced Data Visualization will give you the power you need to get to the heart of your data and put it to work.

The Text Analytics module deciphers open-ended responses and provides them to you in a form that you can use. Predictive Analytics uses historical patterns to forecast future trends. Advanced Data Visualization makes data interpretation easy no matter where the data has come from.

Since having a company with real people behind it is so important in today’s remote working world, their dedicated professionals can guide businesses through every step including collection strategy planning, program design, deployment plan formulation, and execution phase monitoring.

Confirmit can cater to both small-scale businesses seeking simple survey solutions as well as large corporations with more intricate and precise needs. Overall, Confirmit’s VOC software is a customer experience management tool with a real human side to it.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Before employing any VOC software, it is important to understand how it works in the real world, with real companies. One success story is that of a renowned e-commerce giant that was noticing high customer attrition rates and slipping sales figures. By integrating a VOC solution, it learned to better evaluate customer expectations and create a plan for turning them around. This strategic retooling of their services resulted in a 30% reduction in customer turnover within just one quarter.

A large, multinational automotive company was already invested in pushing innovative tech features but they hadn’t noticed any growth in sales or market share. Once they began to implement VOC software, they were able to understand where they were falling short in meeting customer needs. What they learned was that most customers were more interested in better fuel efficiency and safety features than high tech in their vehicles The company then shifted its focus and saw a marked increase in their sales performance.

Another example of integrating VOC into a company involves an airline that was able to turn around its bad reputation with customers. An onslaught of negative reviews showed that service quality was the chief concern among passengers. By using VOC software, the company identified key areas requiring improvement – from staff training to in-flight amenities – and this led to a customer sentiment turnaround.

Start-ups also offer success stories, such as a mobile app development firm that witnessed explosive growth after deploying VOC software. They used it as a metric-collecting tool to provide real-time feedback. Their ability to act on user feedback helped them adapt quickly to market demands and eventually secure substantial venture capital funding.

An online education platform that struggled with low course completion rates was able to use VOC analytics tools. They learned that their site’s poor navigation and tedious enrollment processes were causing problems for users.

These success stories show that VOC software is more than just understanding customers, but can turn data into profitable business strategies. By making use of these tools, businesses can use customer preference data to direct their corporate success.

Choosing the Right VOC Software for Your Business

Choosing the right Voice of the Customer (VOC) software for your business requires a comprehensive understanding of both your business’s needs and the capabilities of VOC platforms.

The best place to start is by reviewing current customer feedback management processes and identifying any gaps or areas that could be improved. Then, begin to set clear goals and objectives for what you hope to achieve. Take the time to identify key stakeholders in your organization so they will not feel left out when the implementation of a new VOC platform begins to take place.

Use a collaborative approach and bring these individuals into discussions early on to understand their needs and concerns intimately. This will enable a buy-in from all departments, which can make the transition a lot easier.

Take the time to begin researching prospective VOC vendors and understand their product offerings thoroughly. You should have a clear idea of their features, usability, integration capabilities, and analytics and reporting options.

Scalability may be important to your growth needs, and choosing a product that has different dashboards for different user roles within your organization is going to be important.

Price should never be the sole factor in making any decision, but it is crucial to making an informed choice that provides value for money. Take the time to read customer testimonials or case studies from businesses similar to yours that have successfully implemented VOC Software.

Voice of Customer (VOC) Software often represents significant change within a company. This change requires planning and strategic execution to ensure success. Begin by creating a detailed implementation plan that outlines the key steps involved, the business units affected, and the target completion dates for each phase.

A successful implementation will depend on you following this plan as well as incorporating a training program for all users. You may want to offer hands-on workshops, online tutorials, and easy-to-follow documentation to ensure all staff are up to speed.

Testing your software before going live is imperative. You may want to choose a subset of users who can run through all operations in real-life scenarios before you put it before the rest of your staff. This will help identify any bugs or user experience problems that occur, and continue to test and review your implementation at all times.

Continuous evaluation is vital if you want your VOC system to remain effective over time. Plan regular check-ins post-implementation to ensure that the product is meeting objectives, and incorporate user feedback as needed.

Implementation Strategies for VOC Software

The implementation process requires a clear understanding of the organization’s customer experience objectives as well as a measurable goal, such as increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, or reduced churn.

You should then begin identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) that will enable you to measure your progress, through the use of data collection and analysis. Capturing, integrating, analyzing, and reporting on all forms of customer feedback will give you a better view of your customers’ experiences and enable you to make better company-wide decisions.

Configuring your VOC software solution will include defining user roles and permissions within the system, and setting up custom dashboards that anyone from managers to frontline employees can use. This enables everyone to use all functionalities optimally.

Regular evaluation periods using predetermined KPIs can help you keep on top of meeting your goals through continuous improvements. Regular audits also ensure that you are getting maximum value from your investment over time.

The VOC software that you choose should be able to fit seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. By providing a smooth transition, you will begin to promote organization-wide adoption. This is an ongoing process that requires diligence, commitment, and constant refinement if you want to see the benefits of VOC Software.

Choosing the right VOC software will give you an essential tool for gathering meaningful customer insights that can improve your reputation, your customer’s experience, and your bottom line. It also helps create an organization-wide culture of listening to customers and acting on their feedback.


The significance of Voice of Customer (VOC) software will continue to become more important in this customer-centric world. By taking the time to understand your customers and prioritize their needs through customer feedback analysis, you will be better able to outpace your competitors.

The number of VOC software options can make it quite overwhelming, and it will be worth your time to evaluate their unique strengths and specializations in relation to customer experience management. Some of the most popular and powerful options are Jotform’s ease of use and customization, SurveySparrow’s conversational interface, Survicate’s multitude of integrations, Medallia’s advanced analytics capabilities, Dialpad’s data capture versatility, and Qualtrics Customer Experience’s data analysis and reporting tools.

You will want to evaluate several factors such as cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, and integration capabilities with existing systems to help you make an informed decision. Studying trends and innovations in VOC software can also help you see what the future holds for this technology and how it can help you improve your customers’ experience.

Leading companies have been able to leverage VOC software to boost their performance through improved customer satisfaction levels, and careful evaluation can help you do the same. Based on your company’s unique needs, finding the best solution for you might take some time but it will be well worth the effort.

A clear strategy outlining how the software will be integrated into your existing systems and processes is essential and will provide you with the superior customer experience that you have been looking for.


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